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Your eCommerce website's functionality and design could make or break conversions, which could have an impact on your revenue. A web server to host a storefront, payment processing, an inventory database, and a complex dispatch system are just a few of the layers of functionality that distinguish an eCommerce site from other types of websites. In partnership with clients, we, at Hawk Astute creates highly functional eCommerce websites that increase sales quickly, easily, and effectively.

Why Choose Hawk Astute For

E-Commerce Website Development Services ?

Look no further than Hawk Astute if you're seeking for a trustworthy eCommerce web design and website development partner. We've built profitable online storefronts for businesses of all sizes over the years. We only provides cutting-edge eCommerce website design services.

High Converting Sites

By choosing Hawk Astute as your eCommerce website development agency, you will have your own eCommerce website that is both attractive and effective at bringing in customers.

Wide Range of Package Options

We offer a range of web design packages to suit your specific needs and expectations.

Transparent Prices

We break down each line item to give you a transparent Web Designing Prices quote.

Excellent Customer Service Support

Any concern or issue you may have can be resolved by our team of experts that are available 24/7 for your support.

Our E-Commerce Website Development Process



The design team consults with you to comprehend your needs. We’re here because your eCommerce website needs a lot of preparation and strategy. We’ll assist you in identifying your objectives, target market, and the features and functionality you desire for your website.


Wireframing & Designing

Our team will produce wireframes that we may present you after learning about your demands. The designing process begins as soon as someone in charge of design work at your end gives their approval! Your preferences, branding components, and your target audience are taken into consideration while creating your eCommerce website.



Web design requires development and integration, which are handled by our experts. Our developers are specialists in a variety of platforms, including WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. We design user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing web stores. We also offer the integration of third-party applications, like shipping calculators, payment gateways, and more.



Before presenting it to the customer for approval at the next stage, our team thoroughly evaluates the design for compatibility with browsers, mobile devices, and other devices. A team of skilled testers from Hawk Astute will make sure your website is operational and complies with all specifications. We detect any flaws and solve them as part of our thorough quality assurance process to make sure your website offers a seamless, user-friendly experience.


Deliver & 1 Month Free Maintenance

We complete the final delivery by putting the eCommerce website live after thorough testing and customer approval. To guarantee that your website is operating without a glitch, our staff will give ongoing assistance for the next 1 Month. You’ve finished creating your eCommerce website, and now we’ll make sure it continues to function properly. With our staff by your side, you’ll have access to ongoing support for 1 Month that guarantees the website functions flawlessly and any difficulties are dealt with right away so sales keep rolling in.

What’s included in

E-Commerce Website Development Services ?

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

We create and develop websites that are responsive and user-friendly on mobile devices. Our professional web designers create websites that look great on mobile phones and tablets and are easy to use.

Custom Design To Match Your Brand

It's not necessary for your eCommerce website to be uninteresting! At Hawk Astute, we recognize how critical it is that every step of the design process, from beginning to end, captures what makes your business special. In order to turn the client's concept into a visual reality, we collaborate closely with them.

SEO Compliant

Our e-commerce websites are optimized for search engines. Our staff makes use of cutting-edge strategies to guarantee that your eCommerce store appears high in search results. Our web design team creates attractive websites that perform well in SERPs

User-Friendly Shopping Cart

Our eCommerce website creation solution aims to give your consumers a simple and satisfying buying experience. We design user-friendly, simple-to-navigate shopping cart experiences that are also aesthetically pleasing.

Secure Checkout Process

Any website for an online store selling goods must have a secure checkout process. Hawk Astute establishes a secure checkout process that adheres to the most recent security regulations. Additionally, we will incorporate payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe into any website design we develop for you.

Social Media Integration

Your eCommerce website will be able to connect with more clients if you integrate it with social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. With specialzsed solutions that increase your consumer base and increase revenue, we assist you in achieving this.

Product Catalog Management

No matter how many products you sell, whether you sell one product or 1000, our team can assist businesses of all sizes in growing their revenue. Our product catalogue management services can be expanded to meet your company's demands as it develops.

Order Management System

It's important to us that everything should be simple for you, including your orders. You can easily control inventory levels while handling customer requests for new products or shipping old ones with the help of our order management system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

CRMs are excellent tools for managing customer interactions and data. They make it easier for you to remember interactions and purchases. To satisfy your unique business demands, we provide specialized CRM solutions.

Benefits of E-Commerce Website Development for Your Business

Owning a fully hosted online store can offer a variety of benefits that a straightforward physical and mortar store cannot. Your firm will gain the following advantages if you set up a platform that enables people to do transactions conveniently from the comfort of their homes.

Reach Out The World

Meet the Needs of the Customers

Enhanced Visibility

No Time Constraints

Easy Management of Inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eCommerce website development services?

Ecommerce website development services offer the required design and development work to create an online store, commonly known as an ecommerce website. These services may include creating checkout procedures, integrating payment systems, and designing product pages, among other things.

How much do eCommerce website development services cost?

Prices for ecommerce website creation services vary and depend on a variety of variables, including your demand for functionality, the amount of product pages, the ecommerce web design agency, and more. Ecommerce companies typically spend between $5000 to $55,000 on the design, development, and launch of an ecommerce website.

Will my eCommerce website be secure?

Yes, your online store will be completely secure. To make sure that your transactions are safe and secured, we implement the most recent security technology.

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