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Conventional marketing strategies are insufficient in today's digital world to create a devoted and passionate consumer base. To reach more customers at a cheap cost and get a greater return on investment, you need to meet people where they are active and customize your brand message to particular audience segments (ROI). More than any other marketing tactic, social media advertising increases the visibility of your business and offers profitable opportunities to draw in leads, nurture them, and turn them into paying customers.

Why Choose Hawk Astute For

Social Media Ads Services ?

As your go-to social media advertising firm, Hawk Astute use social media data to analyze the demographics of your target audience, pinpoint client preferences and pain areas, and create a social media advertising strategy that outperforms the competition.

Tried-and-Tested Methodology

We don’t just assist you in obtaining exceptional ROI; we also support them with in-depth analysis so you can monitor your development.

Work with Trained Experts

Your paid advertising campaign will be optimized and made successful with the help of our PPC specialists.

Budget Friendly Pricing

While maintaining the affordability of our packages, we optimize campaigns to

Prompt Assistance & Support

Our team responds swiftly to help you find solutions to any issues you might be experiencing. You can contact us by phone, chat, or email.

Our Advertising Process

Social Media Ads

Identify Goals

Choosing the objectives that will define the success of your social media strategy is our first task. They can be summed up as leading to more leads, boosting sales, raising brand awareness, or developing a community around your company. Setting up SMART goals would be a wise course of action.

Choose your Target Audience & Platform

The who, what, and why of your target market must be examined. What do they want, who are they, and why would they choose you over a rival? Creating buyer personas is a smart method to determine that. Where else is your intended audience? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Structure your Campaign

Some of the most crucial components of popular advertisements are celebrities and content that appeals to your emotions. Additionally, we must produce CTAs and craft effective language that will elicit the required response. By picking the appropriate keywords, so that your campaign will reach the proper audience.

Plan your Budget

We plan your budget after examining the search volume fluctuations for the keywords we choose using tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Keep in mind that we prefer to spend your money wisely not harder. We take into account your budget in relation to the amount you hope to earn.

Track & Measure Results

Now that your advertising are being shared on social media, the only way to assess the success of our social media strategy is by monitoring and evaluating the KPIs we selected when defining your objectives. Since each social media platform has its own analytics, we evaluate the effectiveness of our ads there.

Improve & Optimize

Any social media advertising strategy’s main objective is to maximize outcomes. How about tailoring your advertisements to do just that? By taking this action, we can get rid of what isn’t working properly and invest more in what is. After we spend the first dollar on your campaign, we continue to monitor it 24/7 to see how your target audience responds. Analyzing the data we gather, learning from it, iterating, and applying the insights to your campaign are the keys to success.

What's included in

Social Media Ads Services ?

We understand that you have a lot in your mind, and we’re here to support you! By utilizing Facebook to its fullest potential with the help of our management services. Hawk Astute offers an all-inclusive Facebook ads package for online advertising, from strategy development through ad deployment and performance monitoring.

Instagram’s targeted audience and user-friendliness make it an effective visual advertising medium. Instagram ads feature the opportunity to include text with a “Call To Action” that will appear at the top or bottom. To guarantee that their advertisements properly reach prospective customers, we work closely with our clients.

To assist you in achieving your company objectives, we specialize in creating LinkedIn advertising strategies. We’ll adapt a strategy to your company’s goals in order to get the best results, whether that means more leads or traffic! The PPC team at Hawk Astute has the essential expertise, from the first stages of ad design through periodic analysis.

A Twitter ad campaign is used by many companies, particularly those in the eCommerce marketing sector, to raise brand awareness and highlight particular products in the hopes of generating quick sales. Your Twitter advertisements account will set up by our Twitter ad campaign managers, who also determine your Twitter advertising target (such as reach, website clicks, app re-engagements, etc.), your ad group, and your bidding strategy.

Start advertising on Pinterest to maximize your potential for full-funnel marketing! Pinterest is one of the most cost-effective social media and advertising platforms for displaying your social networks ads and boosting target completions, with a population of 400 million active users monthly. Similar to Facebook advertising, Pinterest advertising uses a pay-for-placement (P4P) model. This means that you pay to have your Pinterest advertising promoted on the product Pins of your choice.

The Benefits of Advertising

With Social Media Ads

1. Increase Follower Growth Rate

You can quickly target new market groups with paid social advertising and draw in niche consumers.

3. Boost Organic Posts

Do you have a tight budget? Start social media advertising to expand the internet reach of your organic postings and convert your best-performing content into social media ads.

5. Attract Qualified Leads

Depending on your marketing goals, social ads landing pages can be enhanced to generate targeted leads and remarket to site visitors who didn't convert on-site. A comprehensive social networking ads strategy enables you to segment campaigns by age group, profession, or gender, tailor your offer, and attract qualified leads into your sales funnel.

2. Ramp Up Website Conversion

Your conversion rates will double as a result of social media marketing, and your marketing expenses will drop by 30%.

4. Drive More Clicks & Views

Because social media channels provide a convenient and enjoyable means of interacting with their preferred brands, online users are more active on various sorts of social media advertising platforms.

6. Generate Direct Sales

Launching time-sensitive offers is made easier and more profitable with social advertising, whether you're presenting new collections to prior customers or deploying seasonal offers to inspire targeted consumers to purchase. Paid social media marketing are a practical, affordable choice to influence customers' purchasing decisions and increase revenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide what platforms to advertise on?

We always go back to our initial approach when determining which ad format to use. What are you trying to achieve? What are your objectives? What resources do we have? Who is your target audience? By asking these questions, we can decide which advertisements we need, where to place them, and what goes into their creativity and substance.

Why should I outsource my Social Media Campaigns?

Being solely responsible for managing social networks makes it simpler to keep up with all the changing information. Other justifications for outsourcing your paid social media marketing include:
– Simple opportunity and weakness recognition
– Experts manage the process and have access to the necessary technologies.
– Optimal planning, monitoring, and reporting
– Saves your company time and may eventually result in cost savings
– You get a fresh and flexible perspective on your social media marketing activities

How do Social Media Marketing & Social Media Advertising work together?

Together, these two excellent instruments can contribute to a company’s success. While Social Media Advertising concentrates on using advertisements to drive action and conversions, Social Media Marketing focuses on raising brand awareness. When developing a social strategy, keeping this in mind can help you get better insights and outcomes.

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